NEW YoYoFactory CYBORG Release! June 1st!


When YoYoFactory decides to create a signature yo-yo for one of their players it typically starts with an off hand comment, usually after a big contest win. But when Patrick Borgerding won the USA National Contest no comment was needed, the plan was already in motion! This is his new signature yo-yo – The Cyborg!

YoYoFactory wanted to do something big with the new Cyborg. And nothing’s bigger than working alongside World Champion Kentaro Kimura, long time friend and owner of the Japanese yo-yo company Turning Point, to create the ultimate 3A machine for Patrick! They took their time, made it local (Every stage of production was performed in the USA!) and spared no expense on the finished product. And what a finished product it is!

The aptly named Cyborg is a freestyle machine on a string and in the hands of Patrick Borgerding it is unstoppable! It was completely designed around his unique play style and when you see it you immediately notice both the YoYoFactory and Turning Point influences in the design. With its wide catch zone, rim focused weight distribution, and smooth grind finish the Cyborg can take on any superhuman freestyle your human brain can dream up! Just watch Patrick Borgerding throw the Cyborg and you will be speechless!

Perfect for 1A or 3A – Man, Machine, or something in between – The superior performance of the Cyborg will blow you away!

(Amplified) #2

Looks Great. So is this the next great TPxYYF collab?


what is the price of the thing.

(Amplified) #4

Probably between 79-100


ahh cool a TP an yoyofactory thing i like it and my it looks a ton like my TP paranoid.

(SR) #6

Looks more like a TP than a YYF… that’s for sure.

It also looks super heavy, but it’s coming in at 65g, so it’s not… hmm.

(Amplified) #7

Kentaro’s influence can definitely be seen. I played a proton (another YYFxTP) and liked it. This one looks to be great too!


It probably looks so much like a turning point because Patrick used the proton for so long.


At BACs they were $115 actually. I bought one.

(Amplified) #10

^ thanks for clarifying. How’s your cyborg?


Dat weight and shape…


Floaty. But the RPM isn’t fast enough in my opinion. Maybe it’s just the color. I got the green/purple/clear one.


I saw the number in stock and knew I’d better decide fast. I was shooting for the one with the reddish/gold/blue at first, but then that one with the purple/green/clear was looking on point. So, I had to buy both. Da Fact’ry got all my money.

I’ve noticed that with that Galaxy Proton, Alien Galaxy Shutter, Primary color Aviator, Ain’t Nothin’ H.O.T. and now the Cyborg…YoyoFactory is about to take the throne for King of Colorways. Best acid washes and great engravings lately too (Pulsar).

Watch the throne!