New YoYoFactory Cyborg 2.0!

Patrick Borgerding is one of the top 3A yo-yo players in the world. He consistently places at the biggest contests and recently won first place at Cal States! His yo-yo of choice? The new YoYoFactory Cyborg 2.0!
The Cyborg 2.0 is an excellent second edition to an already great yo-yo, YoYoFactory didn’t mess with the dimensions too much but what they did do greatly improves play. They chose to machine the Cyborg 2.0 out of denser and more durable 7075 aluminum which is a big plus for any 3A player! Have you sees how beat up some of their yo-yos get? Durability is always a bonus!

YoYoFactory slightly changed the cup and rim design but the profile of the Cyborg 2.0 is what really stands out! They gave it a steeper angle with many small steps that creates a really cool look but more importantly opens up the profile for a larger catch zone. This gives you that little extra edge you need when you’re going for that tricky laceration or huge banger that you occasionally miss. Top all that off with a Center Trac Bearing, a beautiful grind finish, and a wallet friendly price tag, and you have one amazing yo-yo!

The Cyborg 2.0 was designed for 3A machine Patrick Borgerding, but feels perfectly comfortable for any style you choose!

I just can’t make up my mind on the color. I’m leaning black, then silver, then black again. This is so hard! :stuck_out_tongue: They both look great.

Ta your eventually going to buy two so just get both…

just get the kisckstarter pack

Well, I don’t want to jump the gun on this one. :-\ If I get it and love it, it will get a twin. But, I don’t usually get twins on the first buy. So, I’ll have to choose one or the other. I think that photo above may have sold me on the black one.

You are reading my mind. But, that No Mystery Pack is insane too, for the same price. Dilemma…dilemma. But, I love having these kinds of issues. :smiley:

It looks like a positron 2 that’s bigger

hmmmm this shape doesn’t impress me as much as the original cyborg, i guess i liked the slightly rounded edges to it.

sorry for being a grammer nazi but there is a mispelling…
“Have you sees how beat up some of their yo-yos get? Durability is always a bonus!”

yeah …

prominence w basilisk rims

This YOYO is Super Sweet! best YYF I have to date hands down!

I Picked up the pre release at Cal States, After watching Eric K. run his routine, and had one available.

TA, you just need to have both!

Abby, the Cyborg 2.0 feels way better in the hand, I like the original but the 2.0 is improved for sure. if you have any doubts of it’s capability watch Eric’s Cal State routine!!

TotalArtist, if you get black and want to swap halves let me know, I got silver coming Monday. I’ll photograph it and would love a two tone :slight_smile:

That’s a toughie. I think I’m going to go with all black on this one. But, I appreciate the offer. Thank you. :wink:

Great, now I have to buy another one :wink:

not that you really mind…

It’s funny, but I tend not to have a lot of duplicates in my collection unless they’re cheap. I have 2 MarkMont Classics but I didn’t pay for one of those, but beyond that my most expensive dupe is the Cypher and I only have that because one was in the mystery box last year.

That being said, I do like 2-tone yo-yos because it takes me back to the Proyo days where everything was “something and black”.