One-off Cyborgs

There are still some left! This is a entirely underrated throw and it is shocking that these are not all gone yet. I got the Pink w/ Blue and Gold Splatter and I LOVE IT!

Yeah I think Yoyofactory Cyborg is the best yoyo.

If I had money I’d buy all of these.

But that’s why I got a yoyofactory cyborg 2.0 and I just love it and pat borg too.



I mean people say 2hot is an underrated yoyo horizon is an underrated yoyo.

And blah blah.

But most people buy these and say these things.

But cyborg is the most under rated yoyo In this world.

I can just keep prasing Yoyofactory Cyborg 2.0.

Personally, I do not care for the TooHot or Horizon and I do not think they are underrated. However, I have recently been throwing my Cyborg and I just can not put it down. It is right up there with my CLYWs.

Yeah that’s what I’m saying those are not underrated but people say so.

Love my Yoyofactory Cyborg 2.0 I’ll hug it. Lol.

I couldn’t agree more. I can’t believe that the Cyborg and Cyborg 2 didn’t make huge waves.

Especially the Cyborg 2! I mean they took the Cyborg, which is arguably one of the best yoyofactory’s best ever yoyos (second best IMO, Doomsday Genesis reigns supreme), they improved it… made it out of 7075… and then they made it cheaper!

The only reason I can really think of that May have hurt the sales are the limited colour choices… where the Galaxy Cyborg 2’s at eh?

Patborg seems like a decent guy, and he deserves some royalties.

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I never saw a lot of feedback about TooHOT or Horizon being “underrated.” I always see feedback of people raving about those models. They always seem to get their props.

The Cyborg did not appeal to me as much as the Cyborg 2.0. I really dig the Cyborg 2.0. I’m sure if it gets a great response, YYF will give it another look. But, I’m sure part of keeping the cost down, was to do the solids first as an introduction. We’ll have to wait and see.

I read on that Pat still prefers the original Cyborg, which is pretty interesting.

I finally got a Doomsday Genesis a while back, but it just wasn’t instant love for me like I hoped it would be.

i met patrick at SCR 2013, super nice and humble dude, mad respect for the guy :).

he is also easily one of the tallest people i have ever met lol :stuck_out_tongue:

i also have never gotten the chance to try either cyborg, for 1a or 3a…but i REEEEEEALY want to, being that those are the only styles that i actively compete in, plus i need a new 3a pair (been using onestars and a single classic as my backup :P)

Yeah even some boot leg yoyos get more hype.

And I don’t think that color is a factor I mean Yoyofactory shu ta people buy those even if they hate shutter.

And the silver is gorgeous the engravings are the best.

Yes best Yoyofactory ever so premium.

I think 7075 is harder to splashes right?

And whenever a person asks for a recommendations people say don’t get the shutter it’s hyped get 2hot or horizon these are underrated.

I mean from the time I have joined forums everyone is saying shutter is hyped.

I mean 99 out of 100 people are saying it is hyped then who is saying it good.

I’ve seen a topic recently in which people where saying 2hot are underatd I mean wow. Lol.

I have seen 4 to 5 people who haven’t tried or played these yoyos and saying they are hyped or underrated.

I haven’t seen this quality precision in a yoyo before I mean it has 7 steps In it’s design
Vibe free so smooth.

I haven’t seen the comments, “whenever a person asks for a recommendation” that TooHOT or Horizon are underrated. I do see people suggesting TooHOT and Horizon based on their reputation as great models. I have not seen “a lot of feedback” about TooHOT being underrated.

I never mentioned anything about Shutter, so I won’t address whether it’s hyped or not. I happen to enjoy mine though. Even if 99 out of 100 people say something is hyped, that doesn’t mean it’s not good. Sometimes what is hyped is also “good.” In any case, I see the stats totally different.

I bought one of these when they came out. It is easily in my top 5 best-looking ano-jobs. I agree that this a great YYF throw that just seemed to get lost for whatever reason. I think the one-offs did not sell well because people do not perceive YYF throws as holding value - so why buy such a nice one?

Bad call brother … :smiley:

They are super-nice playing yo-yo’s that look absolutely fabulous. They are dead-smooth and the colors really pop.

I tried Pat’s 2.0 at BAC. Bought one right after and I love it!

Pat was a super nice and patient guy.

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I’m sorry, what’s IKR?

IKR means I know right?

I was saying that it’s a great yoyo IKR?

Ha! Ha! I’ve got that old man thing going!!!

I need to brush up on this hip lingo stuff.

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The only reason I haven’t grabbed one of these on-off Cyborgs, is that I bought two of the production splashed Cyborgs before they came out. I think two is good for now. I have to limit my multiples sometimes.