The YoYoFactory CYPHER is HERE!


YoYoFactory consistently saves some of their best releases for the World Yo-Yo Contest. These new yo-yos go on to become some of their most popular designs for years to come (i.e. Grind Machine, Protostar, etc). This year’s event was no exception! They arrived with a brand new metal yo-yo that offers an all new design and play style unlike anything in their lineup. This is the Cypher!

Made in conjunction with Turning Point designer Kentaro Kimura, the Cypher focuses less on competition performance and more on comfortable day-to-day play. This is a full sized yo-yo with a unique and comfortable shape that just begs you to keep on throwing. Fitted with a Center Trac Bearing and a beautiful smooth finish, The Cypher will quickly make its way to the top of your daily throw list!

If you were lucky enough to pick up a Prague Pack during the World Yo-Yo contest then you already know how awesome this yo-yo is! For those of you who missed out, don’t miss again! This first release quantity is limited and there isn’t another batch scheduled until well into the holiday season!


I already have the WYYC edition, but that looks really cool. Might get one.


I grabbed 2 world packs and I really like the cypher. Very comfortable in the hand and spins longer than most of my yoyos. It feels very similar to the shutter and I think I like it better. Might change my mind after I get better with horizontal tricks. The poop star I don’t care for nearly as much.

At $60 for the new cypher I’m happy I took a chance on the worlds pack for $45.

Both of the ones I got were blue, did they make any other colors? I only ask because the 2 poop stars I got were different (one was half orange half gold and the other was half aqua half gold (lighter than the gold on the orange one).


does it mean the R&D focus was on stability and spin times?


It really just means this yo-yo was designed to be the ideal daily throw. It isn’t your $200 straight v-shape competition level yo-yo built for pure speed. The Cypher has great stability, great spin time, a super comfortable feel, and is just fun to play with day-to-day.

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I couldn’t have said it better.


I really, REALLY, like my Cypher! I am just glad I bought a World Pack at $45 because $60 is over my limit.