Trifecta bearing and candy wires?


So I’ve been wanting to order a summit, and it will probably be my last order for a while, I want to get some string( and possibly a bearing). So is the trifecta bearing better than a one drop 10 ball? And also, what kind of string is your favourite, and which is better: type s candy wires or type e? I like string that holds tension well so I’m thinking type e would be better for me.


A trifecta is better than a 10-ball… It’s basically a 10-ball but concave to center string… And as for string I think e type would be better for you :slight_smile:


Well, it’s not necessarily better. It’s all about preference, whether you like string centering bearings or not. Personally, I find bearings like that to be extremely gimicky. I haven’t noticed them helping my spin time or anything, and they seem to clog up the gap. Flat 10 balls work fine for me; I can get the exact same spin times on flat bearings as I can on a Trifecta.

Remember, opinion is not fact.


Yea, you’re right, was just trying to make it short and sweet :stuck_out_tongue: I personally prefer concave bearings better than flat though. I do get longer spin times off of them and only get random snagged binds in certain yoyos from time to time. But yea, it’s preference. If you like curved bearings then the trifecta is for you…


I haven’t tried type S, but I have type E and it’s great.


Thanks, was just wondering if its worth the 12 bucks if the summit already comes with a 10 ball