Tried something different

I am kind of in a rut with learning new tricks lately. I’ve been getting faster and faster with the tricks that I know. So the other day I decided to slow down my tricks to the point of looking like slo-mo. Something interesting happened. I noticed that once I was finished with a trick, like skin the gerbil for example, the yoyo was still spinning way faster than if I flew through the trick. Try it. I think it brought me back to contentrating on my form. Now even though I am doing tricks slower, I can do longer combos because I can concentrate on the details. Now that I’ve slowed down I hope to get out of the rut!

This is probably because people are more prone to tilt the yoyo when going fast. If you practice slow and gradually get faster you should be able to avoid this.

Also, when your whipping around the yoyo fast the string is pulling harder on the yoyo due to centripetal force. This puts stress on the yoyo and kills spin time.