Can someone help me out by naming all the tricks in this video , i’ll be much appreciated :slight_smile:

(M²) #2

Here’s how i name tricks.
1.Pick up your favorite dictionary
2. Drop the dictionary on its spine
3. Blindly point to a word on the page
4. After viewing the word, write down it and the next two words that instantly pop into your head
5. That is your trick name


(First word I got was Pin-Up Side Kick)

-Hope I helped!


Nonono you guys get it all wrong. What i meant wqs can you gúy tell me the name ò all the tricks that are shown in the videos

  1. Forward Clutch Pop
  2. Cyclone
  3. Spherical
    4.Reposition Rotation
  4. Suns Whip


Thanks you Higgenz ;D