Tricks vs. Combos

In my mind, there are a couple different terms for yoyo “moves” and they each have their own definition.

Mount- Just landing the yoyo on the string or getting some sort of string formation. For example, Trapeze, Houdini Mount, etc.

Trick- In my mind, a trick is something that is unlike anything else (other than its variations). For example, Boingy-Boingy, Suicide, etc.

Element- A short move not fancy enough to be a trick. For example, Underpass, Pop, etc.

Combo- A combination of mounts, tricks, and elements, For example, McBride’s Roller Coaster, Ladder Escape, etc.

But I want to know: What do you think the difference is between all these terms?

i think a trick is moves, elements, and mounts mixed together with at least one thing you thought of

good combo elements