Trick development process

Hey guys!

So recently I have been watching the 10 minute trick development videos and commentaries from Japan. If you haven’t seen these yet, be sure to look them up on YouTube.

It’s interesting to see how each of the players featured go about making a new trick and I find the process really cool to watch.

So I’m curious, what is the trick development process for the rest of you?

For myself, I like to try to do opposites. Taking something I know And inverting,reversing,switching it etc to see what happens.

Curious to see what others do.

Goof around with slack until something cool happens.

What I do:

Learn the first step if a tech trick. This is how I usually start.

Then, I experiment. What segments can create a slack? What happens if I underpass here? Stuff like that.

Try to get from one mount into another. Experiment I see if you can get from where you are to a totally new mount (ex Double or Nothing to Houdini, or something

Try to put things together. If used that this segment can for a slack when underpassed here, then… etc etc.

This is my process, anyway.

Kind of similar to mine. I usually watch a freestyle video of someone, then I slow it down and grab elements from the video , then I just experiment and try different moves. I get a lot of knots from it, but that is how I do it.

I goof off with the Yoyo until something cool happens or a knot. … Best trick process in the world. Then repeat what I just did and cross my fingers and hope it works!

Start with some background goals like “I want to make a trick where the yoyo does …” Usually I see these in freestyle videos and they randomly are retained in my mind

Play with my yoyo until I find something interesting.

Try and incorporate movements involved with other mounts onto the new mount I stumble upon to.

Try and stitch it all together and practice until it’s smooth

I’m not going to post the video but last year I made an entire video specifically dedicated on how I do my trick developement process. Very similar to others although I do a few different ways as well.

Check it out in the yoyo tricks section.