Trick categorization off a bit?

Ok, this may just be opinion, but I think most would agree. Let’s start here: I learned cold fusion long ago, and I thought it was rather easy. Then, I look at the youyoexpert trick list, and it is ranked in advanced 2, above kwijibo and others that I find a lot harder, which are all in advanced one! And then, I look in expert 1, and it has skin the gerbil - a super simple trick! Just saying, i think the categorization a are off. Not complaining it anything but yeah. What do you guys think?

It’s hard to classify tricks by difficulty just saying


Plus I think the list is arranged more by trick complexity then difficulty.

skin the gerbil??
Btw kwijibo is a lot easier than cold fusion.

They are also in an order where tricks are placed so tricks that use the same elements are after so the can be referenced to

^^^^ exactly. If I were to make the trick list, i would sort tricks by mounts, and have a whole separate section for slacks.

ahh ok that makes sense

No its not :smiley:

I don’t remember the last time I missed cold fusion but I still miss kwijibo every few times

There are so many parts of the trick that you can mess up on but in kwijibo there’s… like 2

I agree kwijibo needs a lot more precision and timing and cold fusion is and intermediate trick it is not really hard to get down.