Trek---G Squared Yoyos

Took a hike throughout the woods with my buddy the other day. Decided to make a video rocking my favorite G2 Yoyo! Leave any feedback on video editing, compliments, or any tips in the thread. Thanks for watching!

Yoyo used: G2—Quake
Music: Unbelievers—Vampire Weekend





Awesome video keep up the great work. Also what song did you use?

Unbelievers by Vampire Weekend.
It’s in the OP of this thread, and on the youtube description.


Whats that trick at 1:06 I see a ton of people doing it what’s it called?

That is a trick I made up. It currently has no name. Im assuming you’re seeing a ton of people use the generic mount. Its a Houdini mount.

If anyone wants a tutorial for a certain trick please leave some replies here with the time the trick happens and I will gladly make a tutorial.

oh okay thanks for the info I just see lots of people doing something along those lines that’s similar to what you did.

It is similar to Gentry Stein’s trick, gorilla hands. The only thing that is similar is the mount really. Check out his trick, Alex Whitney does a nice tutorial for gorilla hands.

How many G2 logos can you find in the background of my video??

Anyone have any guesses?

Nobody wants to take the challange and figure out how many G2 logos they can find in the video??

Hint: Look on rocks, and almost anything behind me yoyoing.

I think I saw about 9 of G2 symbols.

Bump. Check this out if you haven’t already!

Great stuff Andrew! As usual!keep em coming! and like I said on instagram when I ding my AL7 ill trade ya hales brutha!

Rad! Thanks for watching :slight_smile: