Trapeze and BRO Bind


Imagine your doing a suicide type throw… Throw the loop with everything past your NTH and be ready to catch. It’s pretty cool. If this isn’t known I will make a tutorial if anyone asks!

edit: video


Sounds cool! Show us on video


anyone likey? ;D


Camera’s will focus on the brightest object, which in your case, would’ve been the sunlight coming through the window and not give a crap about what it’s actually supposed to be focusing on. Just a future note, close the shades or something, so that way, it’ll focus on you. Even with your jacket zipped up, I still couldn’t see the string, but I get the jist of it. Seems pretty straight forward. Nice job man!


the shades are shut I was just doing it at the wrong time of day I guess ???

(M²) #6

I don’t see the point of having the first part when you knew we couldn’t see the string. Cool bind though.


nice bind


Either way… well done! :smiley:


cause i recorded it and know that people can get the gist of it even though the second is easier to see.