New intermediate trick: Skunk Bind

I hate to say, but the string visibility in that video is so low I can hardly even tell what you did. :-\

hehe i used the youtube webcam thingy. sorry. but i basicly made a triangle then landed it on the right string then let go!

Oh I thought the yoyo was hovering by itself like with anti-gravity or something.

Please don’t try to make a video if you can’t even see the string. Sorry, but it’s the truth.


yeah, string visibility is impossible on my camera. so I tend to describe it and accompany it with video

ok, well i wouldnt be that blunt…just next time try to increase the lighting and choose a darker shirt and back round to help increase the visibility of the string

Its essentially a normal over mount bind, but just getting into the over mount a different way…

I agree that that is better than just a bad video so good call on that.

Lol, I said the same thing when I saw the vid…