Trapeeze Whip Help??

Hey guys, so i am trying to learn trapeeze whip and ever time i do it i do a normal laceration. Does anyone no what might help???

Is there even a difference between a trapeze whip and a “normal” laceration? I’m pretty sure they’re the same trick.

if i am correct he is referring to a hook

You’re trying to do this trick, right?

Despite the name Andre gives it in the video, there’s no trapeze involved. This is a total guess, but I think you’re trying to finish the trick by landing it a trapeze, right? It can be done, but it’s not formally part of the trick and it’s more difficult. That’s because, if you try to land it in a trapeze before you’ve hooked the yoyo, the loop disappears before it gets a chance to hook the yoyo. If that’s the problem, try just working on the hook and not worrying about trapeze-ing it at the end.