training on a popstar

I’ve had this idea that i might follow through on. I think i want to until my next contest, only do 1a and only use my popstar. Because of it’s increased wobble, being smaller, and not sleeping as long as other stuff (at least for me) when I use a normal sized yoyo next i’ll land pretty much everything every time. Do you approve?

i dont think this is a good idea, yeah they say using a popstar is a bit more challenging due to it being a smaller yoyo. But say for example, u use it, then for your comp you use a normal size, you wont be 100% used to it. It kinda like training for oh lets say a bike race, you practice with a different one, then on your comp day you use your normal one, you wont react like you would, because your used to the other one. Id say practice with the yoyo you are going to do your routine with, thats a more wise idea. Now if your looking for a challenge, or you want to get a particular trick down 100% maybe you can try the popstar for a bit. But my honest opinion id use the yoyo you are going to use in your run, so you are 100% comfortable and used to it, ya know.

yea… you want to develope muscle memory, which if you are competing with one yoyo, and practicing with a popstar, you will still act as tho you are playing with a popstar… i agree with lewis, practice with the yoyo you plan to do your routine with

Yeah, you got to get some muscle memory. You wont be as used to the other yoyo. They have different play, floatness, weight etc.

although true, you could use the popstar for a while, about a week before contest, switch back to full size and you should aclimate (if i may use that word)

does a undersized yoyo affect play or harder to learn new tricks.

You have a thread like this already.

No. they all play the same. Unless your not used to a undersized yoyo.

you guys are forgetting that yoyoing isn’t all muscle memory…there is also skill involved…I heard a saying once… good yo-yos are good bad yo-yos make you good

I see where you come from here, but the fellas above are more in the right than you, my friend.

If he had left out the bit about training for a contest, I’d tell him to go for it. But in a contest enviroment, you want to have control of as much as you. This means not shocking yourself with “Oh this is a lot different than my popstar.” Good yo-yos are good, and bad yo-yos do make you better, but in this case, take the good yo-yo over the bad one.

To be honest, I could see myself competing with a popstar, they are a lot of fun!

Using a small gap yoyo to increase your precision is a good thing.
I dont care what anyone says.
Training with one full time, and then switching before you compete, may not have the intended affect. It is best to use the Popstar as a measurement of proficiency, itll keep you honest that way.
I use my YYF Hectic in this manner.

once you got your throw and general alignment straight, it won’t make anymore difference wether you use a small or large yoyo

Compete with a Popstar instead ;D