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Nice flow you have there! ^ ^
Your style is coming along nicely, good speed and flow, I would recommend some mount exploration as in looking for new kind of mounts to work in, maybe try some wrist turned in “gorilla style” type holds, and other technical mounts, maybe some slack ideas.

Your control is great which makes me think seeing some other interesting ideas would make your stuff even more special to see.

Thank you for sharing!

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Thank you so much for descriptive feedback! You are pretty right on about how I need to try new mounts, and I’ve been trying, with little success. However it is what I need to do :stuck_out_tongue: I do have a some more tricks and ideas/concepts that I’m just too plain lazy to record.

For the record, I seriously fangirled when I saw you replied to my video, I mean coming from you, it’s a complete honor ^~^
Thanks again!



good stuff!

I like that horizontal regen to finger spn in the end :slight_smile:

Thanks pretty sloppy technique though :stuck_out_tongue: