trading or selling gm2 and new breed.

Ok I’m looking to sell some of my yoyos. Each will be shipped priority. Each of these yoyos plays great just want some money.all prices are shipped. im open to most offer just not a bunch of cheap plastics. new plastic yyfs are ok.I’m willing to trade something for a a decent carrying case. It doesnt need to be big or nothin just pm if you have one

First up I have a new breed. It’s dyed purple with a white splash, it has some dings that I sanded down. It plays great. $30

Next is my beadblasted gm2. Not sure what edition but it has john ando on the hub. It has a beadblasted body done by ricerocket. It has marks and such but no major dings. It doesn’t have stacks though. Plays really nice. $50

i also have some mod fodder stuff if anyone is interested

GM2 for Pyro Light

Any close ups of the new breed?

would you take 45 for the grind machine