Trading metals for 360 games!! L/F: SKYRIM for 360 wtb!!!

As I said in the title, iam looking for a couple x box 360 games. Mostly Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! If you have a copy in good condition and are willing to trade it, hit me up please!! I have lots of high end metals for trade.

I have a few different high end metals I would be willing to trade straight across for it. I can provide detailed pictures immediately if you are interested.

First is a very very near mint (one TINY scuff) SPYY Supra, comes with box.

Second is a YYF Super G in really good shape.

And third is a SPYY Punchline repeater. Comes with box also. It has one mark on the rim.

I have other yoyos to offer as well, these are the ones I would prefer to trade though.


I have SKYRIM. I am a level 15 redguard =3