ODxCLYW Summit. nickel plated. BUY IT NOW!

hey guys I have a ODxCLYW Summit up for sale. I thought I wanted to get back into yoyo, but I hardly play with it. anyways bought it for 83 bucks on eBay. I’m not looking to get that much for it so shoot me an offer if you are interested. I’ll hear trade offers but I’m really just looking to sale. plays great but is not mint. there’s some black lines on it. I have no clue what it is(3rd pic). maybe paint or something. and there’s a small set of pricks on one of the rims. it’s nickel plated so as you can imagine there are tiny scratches on it. but like I said it plays great. let me know. thanks. HOW IS 70 SHIPPED!? OBO

if I don’t get a better offer by the end of the day it goes to him. don’t miss out!

I have 2 annodizing services I would highly recommend. One spotted banana annodizing is really good. You can find her on the yye forum. Her thread is under the modification an maintenance section. Another is not fail annodizing. You can look him up online to find his website. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

^^Thanks man, I contacted one(no response yet)

Daily bump. Spyy pro has caught my eye. so if you have one, we might be able to work something out :slight_smile:

Your welcome. Glad I could help. Free bump

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Welp, it’s back up for trade. And still looking for Skyrim.

free bump pmed

no offers yet.

last of my throws added.

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bump. no offers yet.

looking for a summit.

highest offer is still 50!