FS: OD Summit-$40, MIB Prescription-$55

Hey all,

So I am looking to clean house a little bit. Just trying to sell at the moment. Prices are shipped to US. I will ship overseas but it will probs cost more. Deals if you buy more than 1!

More pics: https://photos.app.goo.gl/N7EabXSiZrQUsx1G8

OD x CYLW Summit: $40
Pretty much mint. Siliconed. Does have some vibe. Green. Well…
So I have been playing this one a little bit more lately. It doesn’t have as much vibe as I thought. You can feel it on a grind. I also found a little damage that I tried to highlight on in the pics album. There is a little mark that breaks the anno and a little patch of tiny pinpricks that dont. It was hard to take pictures but I tried!

One Drop Prescription: $55

Mint in Box. Was going to keep this one, but I already have one in a plain colorway. One of my favorites. Doctors bog colorway.

Thanks for looking!



@TheYoyoer27 get yourself the glorious T1


This is a bump. again. again. price drop. bump.

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It’s funny I felt the same way about my vtwo I wanted to like I just couldn’t…Wierd how that happens with yo-yos!!!

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Were you looking to buy the MMC?

Naw, I actually just got one! bump


@twitch77 the Summit


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