Trades! Selling Cheap! Deadly Spins, SPYY...

Willing to trade or sell. Very open minded. Just trying to move some yoyos I don’t play too much.

Top Row:

New wing (pretty beat, still plays well, $20)
GONEhspin Pyro (some rim dings and pinpricks, pretty smooth,60)GONE SB 888 (pretty smooth, some rim damage, ?)


SOLD2011 yyr Clash (some light 3a marks, dead smooth, $80)SOLD

GONETen yoyo drop bear (dead smooth, very near mint, $55)GONE


Pride (scuffs, very smooth, $65?)
Punchline repeater (crazy smooth, some very light marks. Offer)

Prices include shipping to cont US.

Offer any trades you think are fair. I’m willing to do multiples for nicer throws or add cash.


2sick: knight, rook, queen, bishop
G2: banshee
OD: some of the newer releases, cascade, og project
Clyw: marmot 1, borealis, most other things
Any interesting offers.

Pm for details and detailed pictures.