Trades.Need 888 pads.

I’ve been wanting to change some of my collection for a bit, and i’m not allowed to buy anything for a long time( i actually don’t know if i can trade, but i hope so…)
so here’s some stuff i got for trade.

OGOPOGO BVM: 4 dings, 2 scratches, uber smooth. maybe trade.

Spyder: Hero Edition, some scratches, really smooth. !

PGM: I don’t know if i’ll trade this… but: stacks don’t work. first gen. green. few scuffs. DEAD SMOOTH

Speed dial: its a speed dial. 1st gen, red, couple dings.

Beautiful rare Worlds splashed Night Moves 4: kind of spongey splashed Blue and yellow, smooth. responsive, needs bearing cleaning.

M1: maybe. Love this thing to death. Dead smooth. My 5a favorite. beat. love it.
I also need some counterweights. my one squirrel head just aint cuttin it. nick’s balls, dice, bouncy balls, spin top buttons(WANT), whatever! i’ll buy em!
That’s it.
I want lotsa stuff Smiley
mostly ATM i want an 09 Wasabi!!!
any CLYW besides peaks. I do NOT like peaks.
YYF(severe, protostar)


i would suggest you find out if you can trade for sure (from your parents im assuming). it stinks getting a good offer and not being able to accept

Well see, I’m PRETTY sure i can, I just want to wait till i have a solid deal so then my parents wouldn’t refuse to let down the other guy. and i can’t spend money on yos, but I’m pretty sure my dad said i could do a trade orr two…
I mean, i have a buncha money with me, nothing to spend it on, and i wanted to trade for a while…
I’ll see.
I’ scared to ask without a deal in front of me.

dont be scared, just make sure youre trading with a reputable person

I’m not scared to trade, I’m scared to ask my parents. IF i have a deal, there’s a smaller chance they’ll say no.

Anyone? Please?

Axiom and Lyn for Spyder?