FT/FS SPYY YFF CLYW - Must have pics.


Hello all,
Here is my BST, I am mostly looking for trades but if you make a good offer I would consider selling instead.

My wants:
YYF Catalyst
Square Wheels Royale
YYJ Phenom
YYJ Night Moves 5
CLYW Arctic Circle
One Drop Cascade

If you have something else offer, the worst I can say is no thank you

What I have:

SPYY PRO Red/Fuschia acid wash
SPYY Revenger Purple w/Silver splash NMIB

YYF Paul Kerbel MVP Black w/Gold splash MINT

CLYW Avalanche Black w/Pink Speckle ( Only willing to trade for another avalanche or Arctic Circle)
CLYW Sasquatch Blue w/Red Speckle (only willing to trade for another sasquatch or AC)

That is all, I will get pictures up as soon as I can but as of right now my camera is broken, I will hopefully have pictures up by Friday.

Thanks for looking.


hey if u still havent traded i still have a catalyst u might like


Got a catalyst with a ceramic concave will trade for Sasquatch let me know if ur interested. 916-878-6823


I got a 7075 catalyst purple and blac acid wash with silver splash! Signed by augie fash.

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