TRadeMark lawyers.

Ive gone over a few things with an “advisor” and he recommended me not to use any of these “easy done” legal websites for lawyers that work within trademark and copywrite laws. He said the best was to find myself someone who specializes in trademarks within creative industries,Does anybody know of a lawyer who has been used with trademarks with any YoYo company or Skill toy company,or even a clothing brand that specializes in these sort of things. because to fill out my form i have to present legal documentation and proof that the trademark is well within my legal rights to claim,that im not “stepping on anyones toes” while trademarking a companies name. could anyone recommend anyone or a firm who does take care of these specific things.
Any feedback would be much appreciated. and this is a serious effort for business, i just want to try get ahold of someone who has worked within skill toy industries.