Traded enough! Please close!

For trades just looking for unique or handmade wood.

For sale, prices are USD shipped CONUS, you pay G&S if you don’t trust me (I won’t be hurt), pm for international shipping possibilities:
2Sick Grandmaster and Serenity. NMTBS. Both have slight fingernail vibe, but play perfectly, not felt on string. 90 for GM (TRADED), 40 for Serenity.
OhYesYo Freq.Mod RAW from Coffin himself. 90.
Zeray Zeray ss303 neat little one-off stainless steel. Super Satin finish. 75.
Unspoken Murmur. Nice Splash. 50
Mowl Surveillance, Daiki Fade (Black / Gray Fade w/ Gray Rims), mint in box/brown bag. 120

I have a few modded Gameboys, and could definitely part with at least one of them. If this interests you, please let me know. TFT Pocket for $110, bivert and red backlit OG DMG for $175, teal backlit Pocket (voltage regulator installed, faint vertical lines, and a pressure splotch) for $80, and SpongeBob reshell AGS-101 FOR $110 (with brand new MegaBat installed). It’s my own amateur work, but solid.

These are hard to photograph, so a couple close-ups:

I have come a long way since these so I could also offer assembly service if you’d like to send me original consoles and mod parts. I have better examples that I’m keeping if you’d like to see more!



Added Sigma Blade as a want.

Bippity bumpity boo! Happy Spooktober to you!

Bump. Help me drive myself further into debt with a sick yoyo!


Some one is selling a Gravity @Mhoodlum

Already got a PM in to him! Good lookin out!


Gravity is my EDC… will not disappoint!!


You guys in that thread gave me the vapors. The only prescription is SE Ti… SeTi… Why has no one made a SETI-inspired side effect Titanium? Like a big-ol satellite dish. Maybe like a Ti Resto with SEs? Man I wish I could afford to make yoyos, lol.

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I bought that one :sunglasses:

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Bump. Trade fodder and for sale items added.

Did you get the RSO Gravity


Not yet!

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Bump. Duncan’s gone.

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Bump Added GameVader, VaporBoy Pocket, etc.

Bee you em pee!

Need funds to buy a Gravity. Would trade all the yoyos listed for one.

Need yoyo money pLz help