Have: CASH, NYYR Wants: YYF OS; Pocket Change w/ OS; 10ball or BC Grooved


My wants are pretty straight forward… I want a YYF Offstring that isn’t cracked/bent in any way, or a Pocket Change with YYF OS parts and wings. I have cash moneys and want it.

Might also take an Aquarius that isn’t bent, but not for the absolute crazy high price it’s at right now. Remember when they were only around $12-$15 shipped? Yeah.

I also want a BC Grooved bearing or a 10ball bearing. I’m willing to trade a pair of Speedles for.

These don’t need to go anymore, but if you want one of these just PM me and we’ll work something out.

Selling/trading a Max Media Player for the DS with two 1gb memory cards. I only use it to play roms and it plays them perfectly fine. Every game including new ones work on it. You’ll never find this anywhere, and it is always overlooked. Offer!

Next is a nice copy of Street Fighter Anniversary Collection for the PS2. Still have the original booklet and box! Hard-ish to find… $15 shipped

Gamecube in good condition with one controller! Black and comes with all the wires. $25 shipped obo

Sorry i am completely new to this… what does “bump” mean? I’ve seen a few people post it numerous times and i don’t get why?

post ;D

THanks!! Ok, I really want this yoyo!! but I’m unfamiliar with the modifications or siliconing…? Do you mind explaining it to me a little bit? ;D

Siliconing means u fill the o ring spot with silicone ;D

Can I get this YOYO from you? How should I pay for it? :slight_smile:

U can buy from the store I have 2 dark magics but they are pretty beat up and drawn on(don’t ask why)lol ;D

He wants to buy from this BST thread.

Thanks Samad! GodsWeapon, check your message inbox for details on how to get this yoyo! Since you’re a newbie I won’t be hard on you for NOT READING MY ORIGINAL POST

But if you have paypal that’d be great if you could pay with that.