Trade throws for more tutorials

Now, you know those cards with the prizes they were giving away? Now, good for you if your one of the people who got a prize, but I think it a far more effective use of resources to have some sort of contest where people send in 10-20 tutorials of a certain subject, the best teacher is given a yoyo and has their tutorials put on the site. I would like to see tutorials for trick binds, slippery eel style, and horizontal or tourniquet styles.

Or, YYE could NOT give yoyos away and just let YouTube happen.

Yeah if you look up “Yoyo tutorial contest entry” and things of the sort, you should find 100’s of great tutorials of peoples personal tricks. Also raytsh has some very cool tricks with great tutorials! Capt anxiety also does nice ones, but I am not a fan of mos tof the tricks he posts. (No offense capt, I know you can only make them so long)

Your both kind of missing the point of this section of the blog… You know how it’s called yoyoexpert site improvements, not where to look for tutorials. If they had a yoyoexpert section, I might bother to learn them, simply because of the orderly fashion they come in- plus I use the app.

Youtube has an app as well. Plus you don’t have to do much looking on youtube, you can literally find them super easy. Yoyomad1001 has some good ones. Plus there are tons of people with just one or two, but they are super cool and easy to learn tricks. You don’t really need a tutorial anyway, I just save the video, put it on windows movie maker, and slow it down. That is the best way to learn tricks from people like Zach Gormley, where you know most people won’t know it, and nobody will make a tutorial.

I think everyone is just pointing out that your suggestion is unnecessary due to the plethora of resources already available. Most people are happy to make a few tutorials for some of their tricks if you just ask nicely.


I just think more people will use yoyoexpert if it has more tutorials. I know how easy it is to use other resources, I simply prefer yoyoexpert.