Trade counts and feedback

I’m not sure how to find out a member’s trade counts and feedback on the new forms. Can anybody tell me how?

It is coming soon, within the next few weeks months:

In the meantime, I suggest looking at the age of the account (when did they join?) and their recent activity on the forums as a good rule of thumb. There is also the #buy-sell-trade:traders-feedback category too.

This is now live

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I’ve only done one trade so far. On my iPhone I cannot see a place in my profile where the person I traded with could rate me or leave feedback. Sorry if I’m just missing something.


This is only for historical feedback from the old forum data, so it isn’t lost in the migration to the new forum.

What about actually doing feedback? Won’t work?

You are free to post in #buy-sell-trade:traders-feedback as you see fit fellow human :v:

Is this still the case, that we can’t add new feedback to the profile? We can only create topics in the feedback section? This seems like a really awkward and clunky solution.

Yes that is the case

Bummer. Any plans to renovate the old system? I thought it was much nicer.