Tracking down a Yoyo


Everyone is always in pursuit of the perfect yoyo for them. I have been looking around and I know what I want as far as specs… I just don’t know what yoyo. so here goes

  1. What size do you prefer? (Big, small, medium, etc)

  2. What shape do you prefer? (Be specific: Round Butterfly, Flat Rims, pointy shape, H-Shape)
    Not a huge determinate. I don’t want H-shape. Not a huge fan of butterflies that are rounded to the point of almost being imperials. so I guess pointy or flat rimmed but this isn’t necessary

  3. What response do you prefer? (Silicone, O-Ring, Hybrid, Pad, etc)

  4. Do you like to mod/maintain it?
    Only basics like spacers, lube, and silicone

  5. Does color matter?
    not so much.

  6. How does your style relate to the yoyo? (What kind of tricks do you like to do?)
    mostly string tricks like kamikaze, Cold fusion, and some slack

  7. What is your price range?

  8. What is your skill level?

  9. Weight
    I have an X-con which is on the heavier side (67.5) and I really liked that so I would prefer a heavier yoyo.

  10. Metal, Plastic, or Hybrid?
    Metal all the way

I think I have covered all the bases. thanks for the help

(JM) #2

The best thing I can think of is a YYF DNA.  It’s a little out of your price range, but you can check the B/S/T.

I have had a hard time tracking one of these down, but also the SPYY Addiction.


I agree with JM, although the DNA is kinda round… You should look into the C13 since its got somewhat sharp edges.