Toxic strings softness?

How soft are toxic strings compared to something like YYSL Type X after it’s been broken in? Thinking about getting some but afraid it’ll be too rough for me. I get string burn pretty easily so anything rougher than type X won’t be good :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I haven’t tried type x but it definitely not rough. Truthfully it was woven from the Golden Fleece. I love the stuff. I have pretty sensitive skin so if I can use it, you can use it. You only get burnt if its humid and you’re outside or if your hands or wet or tacky. Get some!!! :smiley:

BG1s, Metz, Snakes and Great Whites are all pretty soft and the rest are More of stiff strings.

The first Toxic strings that came in colors like atomic wonder and toxic yellow and radiation orange are rougher than Type-X for sure, but whip much better. The markmont dragons and BG1’s are a bit softer, but not the same as softness as Type-X when broken in. I think you would get used to them, otherwise getting a some gloves might be a good investment.