Toxic String

Has Toxic String gone completely out of business?
It has been a VERY long time since I have seen anything from them at all. They will produce a trickle of string, it will naturally sell out quickly and then nothing for months on end.

Anyone have the inside of what’s going on with them ?

They said they’re discontinuing their old line of strings and making a new lineup.

It appears they’ve been working on it as they have pics and names and everything but they haven’t said much about release dates and all that

But it does appear like they’ll be doing a restock on dragon strings in the mean time. You can check out all their updates on their Facebook page

Are they going to drop primes and dragons or they are part of the new line up ?

I’ve been playing the Dragons for awhile, I buy several packs whenever they are available. Always worry, because of how far and in-between production is that they’ll stop making them and I’ll be out. So I keep extras around just in case.

Looking forward to the Hydra strings whenever they are released. From what Paul has mentioned about them, they sound like they will be great!

Dragons are part of the old lineup but it seems it’s the only one of the old lineup they’re still producing. Primes are part of the new lineup and more should be released in the future but I’m not sure when.

Basically the new lineup is an improvement of every string they have now so I believe when they release hydras, which is the improved version of dragons, they’ll discontinue the dragond

i meant the double dragon or i dont remember what they call it

it would be cool to see them improve on my fav sttring ever, ZYpes,but when they were made they were still pretty hard to obbtain, ive had a pack for a year and some change now, and im holding out on my last 4,havent played with one in months.