Toxic Prime Yo-Yo String!

Good yo-yo string is essential if you want to get the best performance out of your yo-yo, and the guys at Toxic Strings believe in that 100%. They are known for making some of the best strings around and this is their new Prime yo-yo string!

Prime was designed to be your new go-to bulk string. It has that high quality, hand-made feel without that expensive hand-made price. Conveniently available in bulk 100 counts with pre-tied knots, Prime is ready to go whenever you are!

Everyone knows a fresh string just plays better; perfect tension, slight bounce, and that soft feel – There’s nothing like it! With the new 100 count of Toxic Prime you can swap out your old strings whenever you want without worrying about running out!

Keep your yo-yo primed and ready for action with a fresh Toxic Strings Prime!

Those went fast! Any idea when another restock is happening?

Ha. Yeah, why talk them up if you hardly have any of them?

We are talking with Toxic at the moment trying to get a restock. No exact date as of right now but we are hoping in the next few weeks!

We had 20 initially, that’s not enough to talk about?