Toxic sting hazmat


Has anyone used it. How do u like it. Other recommendations In the price range


It’s an interesting yoyo. It was designed to accommodate the shoulder issues of the designer. It just has a completely different feel than most stuff out there. It’s not center heavy unless you change the side effects. It’s not particularly rim heavy, but there is a touch more weight on the rims. The weight is rather even from center to edge, but with a touch more weight on the edges of the rims.

Yes, I like it. But it’s not going to be a daily throw for me. I’d say depending on what you’re into, there might be other options out there. This is really a “try before you buy” item for sure. That’s not to say you won’t like it, but it’s just a very different feeling yoyo. Code 1, Code 2, Avalanche, KLR, quite a few others.


Along with the Hazmat being quick, dead smooth and with ultralights pretty floaty. It is a great yoyo with the power of side effects.