Toxic - Hazmat - YoyoExpert

Which side of my Hazmat looks better? Vote in the poll above, or comment your vote.
Hazmat by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

This was a tough one for me. Both sides are great, but I went with right.

I went with right, but it took me some time to pick, who makes this?

It’s a Toxic Hazmat, I heard that the owner Evan does the anodizing on them. It looks like the right side is winning. Tough one… I had a hard time choosing, but went left.

the little almost perfect circle “moon” was the deciding factor, but without that the one on the right is super duper cool. I am jealous, it is cooler than mine!!!

I chose right. They both look nice tho :smiley:

Right. Dat 1-2 O clock :wink:

left ill say it again to fay I’m likeing it when the colors are not so broken up. I.e the white.

I voted left. This one’s kind of cool, because I have never seen, until now, a YYE Hazmat.