toxic hazmat

Can anyone give me.a review of.the toxic hazmat?

Here is Sniffy-yo’s review of it, this one is great an very helpful. If you want to read a couple of other ones you just need to type in toxic hazmat into the search button.

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The hazmat is a very good yoyo. Definitely one of my favorites. Finishing is great, shape looks nice and angular but it isn’t particularly sharp. I also like how its step down isn’t very major and therefore feels good in my hands. It’s very enjoyable to play with in my opinion. Just love the feel.

This is what I feel :). But I let a friend of mine try it and he didn’t like it at all. Keep in mind that different people have different tastes :). If you dig the shape like I do, I say get one for yourself!

-Garey Gan.

Have to a agree with GGyoyo. I’m really impressed with my HazMat. Really stable with a nice wide catch zone.

With the SEs and the Pyramatte finish I find it actually feels like a One Drop yo-yo. I think had OD released it, it’d be just as popular as the CODE2 is now, which I actually prefer it to.

Also, if you’re looking for reviews or information on yoyos (or anything else) a great place to go is Google. There’s at least two other good reviews of the HazMat online. It really ain’t hard to find yourself.

Here is the review I wrote for High Speed YoYo: