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Hhhnnnggg at your avatar. It’s really cute.


Yeah I like your avatar too it reminds me of this.


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Aweh, so cute.


Went to go see the Cherry Blossoms with my brother.


That’s really cool. I’ve always wanted to see cherry blossom trees. Are those the ones in D.C.?

artist: 卯林


Yeah it was really cool. We went to Bethesda so we didn’t have to deal with the city and all the people. There’s a neighborhood that has tons of Cherry Blossom tree and not as many people know about it.

Really like that Artist’s style I’m going to have to look into them.



I’ve been playing Mountain of Faith lately. It plays quite a bit differently from the earlier ones, especially with the new bomb/power system.

Kanako’s final spell is pretty overwhelming. All the other final spells I’ve played (Touhou 6-8) have some relatively safe periods where you can take a breather, but Kanako’s is pretty much constant intensity the whole way through. It also makes it harder to outlast the spell by stockpiling resources. Bombs don’t damage any of the final spells, but with the others you can use them to get out of a tight spot and back into a safer position. They don’t really help much against “Mountain of Faith” though, because you are right back in the same danger after the bomb wears off. As a result, it can eat through lives way faster than the other final spells. Basically, you can get through Remilia’s, Yuyuko’s, or Kaguya’s final spells as long as you have an extra life or two and know when/where you are safe. Kanako’s you absolutely have to learn how to do properly.

It can also take forever if you get stuck with low power (which is easy since bombs drain your power). I finally cleared it, and it took over 2 minutes. It’s as if the final spell by itself is balancing the fact that you can bomb through practically anything else in the game.

artist: 砂雲


I’ll have to try it out some time I really like the way bombs work in that game (Being that I’m overly frugal with my bomb supply).

I’ve also been playing on hard with bombs. Though the thing that annoys me is I can’t seem to use them properly, I always end up dying with like 2 or more bombs.

Artist:cibo (killy)


Bombing is a tricky skill to learn.

I think Mountain of Faith is actually harder to be frugal with bombs on than the earlier games. The link between power and bombs can discourage bombing in some places because it will drain your power, but it also encourages it a lot because you can replenish your power and get those bombs back. There are several places where you can bomb and then get the lost power back almost immediately, making some bombs essentially free. It’s possible to get up to Kanako without dying and using a ton of bombs, which you would not be able to do on the earlier games.

Some places in the game seem to be made around the idea that you can bomb a lot and then get your power back up, so it makes it pretty difficult to get through without bombing. Stage 4 in particular seems to be harder than usual if you don’t use your bombs, and stage 6 (pre-Kanako) is basically made to bomb through half of it.

artist: Miyuki Ruria (Ruria also has a Suwako drawing really similar to that one)


I’m on a hunt for more Chibi if you know of any good artists or just a few pictures. =3



The Walfas stuff is kind of chibi-style I think. If you haven’t seen them, they’re basically flash animations created using pre-made character templates with a program on There’s a bunch of them on Youtube, plus on the Walfas site. The animations are made by various people, so the quality can vary, but they all use the same art style since it is part of the program.

野愛 nioshi and Ninamo-chan have some pretty good chibi stuff:

野愛 nioshi


Ninamo-chan’s normal art style has a bit of chibi to it as well.


Thanks man. I’ll be sure to check 'em out.


Scarlet Flandre was getting lonely without her sister. :slight_smile:


That’s really cool. Nice work once again.

ZUN released some screenshots from Touhou 14 on his blog:

I think the demo is supposed to be released this month and the full game later this year. Sakuya is back as a playable character, and it looks like no Sanae.


Man that looks really good I’ve only played the older ones so the interface seems to glossy in comparison.

Glad Sakuya is a playable character though her play style never quite fits me I find her dialog pretty amusing. :slight_smile:

Artist: zefa(neoaltemice)


Yeah, the games from Mountain of Faith on have a revamped/more polished visual style. I still prefer the older Windows style in some ways, but I do like the new style more in others. For all the flak ZUN gets for his art, he makes games that are visually amazing, character portraits aside (and even those aren’t generally that bad).

Sakuya is my favourite in PCB, but I’ve never used her team much in IN. She’s one of the most popular characters even without appearing in the past several games, so it makes sense she would return. Especially since Youmu was playable in Ten Desires. I’m sure some people are pretty excited to see her return (some NSFW language in the subtitles for that).

Artist: 作品


I always liked ZUN’s style 'cause it’s so different then what you’d normally see. Really don’t see how you could hate on such a talented dude.

All this talk of Sakuya makes me want to give her another chance, but I know for sure Reimu B will always have a place in my heart.

Artist: nanashii_(soregasisan)


The breadth of ZUN’s talent is crazy. For one person to create every aspect of the games, and have them turn out so well all-around, it’s phenomenal. And he does it basically in his spare time. I can’t imagine how he does it.

artist: onineko


Yeah I got pretty much all the free time in the world at the moment and haven’t got much to show for it. xD

Had to use some Ringetsumon my desktop. :slight_smile:


Finally beat Suwako:

If you’re still looking for chibi pictures, has a bunch of chibi Touhou bumper stickers you can pull images from. I’m not sure of the artist, but the style is pretty similar to 野愛nioshi’s chibi stuff.

Touhou 13.5 Hopless Masquerade is getting closer to release. Tasofro is releasing the playable characters one per day on their website. So far, they’ve confirmed Reimu, Marisa, Ichirin, Byakuren, Futo, and Toyosatomimi.

EDIT: Nitori is playable!