Touhou sure has some really great artists in their fandom.

Artist: akashio


Finally cleared Phantasm on PCB today. I need to work on learning the final survival card. This was the first time I got to it, and I had enough resources to just bomb spam through the entire thing, so I did that to make sure I cleared.


Dang Phantasm is crazy nice job. One day I’ll beat an extra. One day…


Thanks.  It felt pretty far beyond my abilities at first, but with steady practice it starts to become doable.  It also helps that you can essentially practice an easier version of the stage with the regular extra.  I’m still horrible at a few of the cards, but you can get away with that if you learn to manage your resources.

The same channel has another video of Reimu vs Utsuho that has a more epic feel, but this one has Marisa and Aya, so I love it.


That was really epic. I wonder if any one will ever be insane enough to make a First Person Touhou BulletHellShooter. That’d be really weird to play.


There is a 3D adaptation of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. Even with a third person camera, it already looks like it would be really weird to play. I can’t imagine trying to dodge danmaku with a first person view.

artist: 朧月kakeru


That looks way to scary to attempt…

Artist: akashio


My take on live action Touhou.

Persuasion needles are the best.


Is that your papercraft workstation? I’ve started to gain an appreciation for persuasion needle in PCB. SakuyaA is still my favourite overall shot type in that game, but there are a lot of places where I prefer ReimuB now.

I don’t have any cool dolls or papercrafts or anything, but I was able to enjoy the restored moon after the Imperishable Night incident:


That was my desk the day I moved… It’s much more messy when it’s operational, I’ll have to get some pictures of my new room and my latest creation. Before I do any more paper crafting I want to see if I can get my colour printer up and running, because some crafts are just too hard to colour.

SakuyaA is pretty awesome I liked it pretty well. I think if I were to make a list it’d be ReimuA>MarisaB>SakuyaA I like funneling all my power to one point.

And really nice picture man. Since I’ve moved I got a nice window so I can appreciate the moon more these days.


Any new papercraft stuff you do would definitely be cool to see.

Yesterday I got to enjoy more real life IN with the Bamboo Forest:


Okay it’s finally captured into picture form.

Lucky I haven’t seen Bamboo since I moved from Florida.


Nice work on that Youmu. It looks really well done.


Thanks I used some higher quality paper on this one and had less distractions (No internet) well making it.

I also found this gem. Artist goes by “mazume”.

They do some really cute chibi too.



Yeah I kind of like this artist… (a lot.)


I like how he/she mixes patterns into the drawing. It looks like all the circles in the the background of the Reimu picture are supposed to represent the different games in the series, but I can’t figure out what the four in the bottom right are. Unless they are the PC-98 games, but I guess I don’t really remember those well enough to see the connections, and there should be five of those.

The "YoYo"mu picture is cute too.

artist: poncho


Yeah they’re really great at making cool backgrounds to go with the characters. It’s actually been a while since I’ve played any Touhou so I’ll have to play some tonight.

Here’s a cool one they did on Chen.


That is a cool Chen picture.

Here’s another neat Reimu one with the same background concept, where the cards represent the different games. At least three of the four corner cards represent print works (I still can’t figure out what the upper left one is), so maybe that’s what the four I couldn’t figure out in the other one are. The one with the scroll is probably Perfect Memento in Strict Sense since it matches Akyu’s scroll.


Yeah for real can’t get over this artist. It’s a shame most of the pictures are too small to make into a desktop… =/


Got to love the starter bosses even if they’re not too hard.

Artist:拝 一樹