Does anyone know what became of TotalArtist? She was one of YoYoExpert’s most active and valuable contributors then last Spring she just disappeared. I’m not nearly as active as I was a few years ago, did I miss a spot of news along the line?

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Still active on her instagram accounts


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Talk about people who disappeared. You were gone for over a year!

Welcome back.

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I was gone for awhile too :smiley: its nice to hop on once and awhile though and see people I remember from the old days.

Banjo is that you??

I love @Totalartist 's work and and I hope she makes more appearances!


I mean come on this is amazing :heart_eyes:


I was just messaging her about the forum update! :slight_smile:


Hi Banjo,

Thanks for inquiring, and it’s great to see you in here. It’s cool to see the new forum changes Andre has worked so hard on. It seems like its a different world in here. Change is good, and I’m certainly excited to see what it has to offer. I’m very active on social media, still collecting and playing, and I even attended NER recently. So, all the local players see me pretty often.

Instagram was really taking off when I left here. Here on the forum, my photos were scattered in this thread and that thread. I started thinking, why don’t I just post them on Instagram and keep a nice neat feed, to inventory my collection, and share new yo-yos that come in, so the people who want to follow “me,” can follow how my collection is growing. 4400 followers later, and you’re not one of them Banjo. Haha, just kidding. But seriously, people who were loving the photos seemed to enjoy that format even more.

As it progressed, I decided to show people a glimpse of what else I’m getting into, other hobbies and interests. I thought people were looking for a bit more about me as a person, so I started a second account, which is a bit more of a personal account and for things aside from yo-yo to get some shine too. Then, I started designing begleri, and that started yet another account for that business.

Then, I discovered that not everyone is on Instagram, so I needed some Facebook presence too. Then, I decided to start doing some blogging about begleri and started a Facebook Group last Fall that has over 400 members now. I’ve written about 30 articles in there, and spend a lot of time growing that. MonkeyFinger Ray is in there, and several other yo-yoers who also play begleri. I’ll be releasing a short run of my new begleri model, in a few weeks, which will be sold here at YoyoExpert. So, I’ve been working on some CAD design, looking for machinists, and overseeing these projects. Recently, I’ve been doing some titanium anodizing, which is a lot of fun.

Whenever there is a lull in the action on my social media, YoyoFactory releases something that inspires me to get back in full swing again. So, in short, the same old same, just in different places. I got a promotion at work, and still enjoying the benefits of home ownership, and all the work that goes along with it. Life is great, and very much the same.

Thanks Banjo, Bdave, codinghorror, and Andre. I’ll be in here more, getting used to the new features and getting back in the swing of things.

Madd love,