Tosh VS. dyrdek


ok, my number 1 favorite show is tosh.0. but lately a ton of people have been saying ridiculousness is better. personally, i think ridiculousness is a terrible rip-off of tosh’s show. so who do you think is better. obviously my vote goes to tosh. lets settle this! haha

(Vizoh) #2

redicoulousness dyrdek’s a boss

(M.DeV1) #3

tosh.0 is a ripoff of ray william johnson. hes on youtube just look him up.


Daniel tosh has been around since before ray william johnson ever came up with that idea, as a PROFESSIONAL COMEDIAN. Dyrdek copies everything from Tosh.0 and plays it a week later and rather than making it funny he sits there and picks on it as if he were a high school cheerleader. Ridiculousness is a poorly written show by someone who should stick to a show known as “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” which is far more entertaining and written by people who understand the concept of a proper theme to a show.


I like them both but tosh is full of racially driven humour, i dont have a problem with that but I certainly won’t let my kid watch tosh. Also u can see any of those viral videos on the internet (weird right?) So I don’t see how anybody is copying anybody.


Tosh shows what’s wrong with society and I love it!

(Jei Cheetah) #7

Break your tv for fun.

(M.DeV1) #8

it wasnt a debate over who was there first. i am stating that the first show that review viral internet videos (other than the soup and attck of the show) was ray william johnson. there are even times where tosh copies rays jokes. rays show was already a year older. just stating.


They are both morons. unless you really enjoy senseless shallow humor. Imo.


Tsk Tsk, hehe. I like Tosh alot more, I really enjoy the show, hehe.