Who else likes smosh!

I have to admit some of their videos are hilarious.

They were good for a while. Then they got horribly bad and just annoying. Have they gotten better since their downfall?

I love smosh and Ianh :slight_smile:

I’m getting kind of bored with IanH though. It’s getting repetitive. And smoshpit isn’t really funny to me.

But Smosh is sooooo funny otherwise. Smosh>RWJ Smosh>Shane Dawson Smosh>Jenna Marbles

I think Smosh deserves to be #1 on YouTube.
All the ideas are funny, the film making is great, it’s just too ridiculous to not like.
My favorite has to be the tooth fairy one.

RWJ sucks. Biggest reposter of all time.

Yeah smosh is funny. Not a big fan of smosh pit though. IanH Is funny sometimes

RWJ doesn’t suck but he’s not as good as Smosh.
RWJ has some clever ideas but I think he’s mostly followed by little kids haha

Anyone see smosh’s new vid, how to be a cop? HEHE

They are very funny ,and I love smosh pit.

RWJ just isn’t funny

yes hes not funny

My favorite is Sin Cara

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However the absolute worst person on YouTube right now, is ShaneDawson. His videos are not funny at all, his lines consist of constant swearing and sexual innuendos, and on top of that, his ideas are horrible.

never heard of him

The worst person on YouTube is VenomFangX or maybe ThunderF00t. ShaneDawson is boring, and RWJ is just overrated and not funny.

Fronk n’ Dego (FND Films) are hilarious.

Me gusta

No the worst person on Youtube is sxephil. All his video thumbnails are half naked women. It’s disgusting and he gets half of all his views that way.


Go tessa!

Lol i love smosh. But IanH is hilarious with his mail openings and the “Asian food sucks!” sement.

My favorite part of Smosh is the songs. Sex Ex Rocks especially.