Topyo impulse 2020 vs c3 yoyo design laevthanin

I was thinking about getting one of these two yoyos and I was wondering wich one was better.I am mainly curious
1: which ones more stable
2:which one plays faster
3:which one has a more “fun” feel.
Thanks for the help.
P.s do you know any yoyo similar to these (around same price point) that are better?

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I have never tried either of the two yo-yos you mentioned above, but for a little bit more ($45 I believe) you can get the yo-yo palace code, which is one of my favorites.

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I have both. Both are very, very different and it’s hard to compare the two. Both are extremely smooth and stable. Both are fun. Both are fast. Choose one that has the colorway you like best! Welcome to the forums!


Thanks for the help! I think I’ll most likely go with the impulse.

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Thanks I’ll check it out!

I haven’t played either but I have watched several reviews in English and in Chinese and I will try to answer your questions based on what I have seen.

1: Which one is more stable?
I believe the impulse is more stable.
2: Which one plays faster
I believe the Laevateinn plays faster
3: Which one has a more fun feel
This is subjective, but I believe the Laevateinn has the more fun feel. Those reviewing the Laevateinn seem to be more excited then those reviewing the impulse. The Laevateinn seems to fit in a fast light Niche while the impulse is more focused on being versatile and consistent. In my opinion the yoyos made to be versatile and consistent are great for performance but can be less fun in feeling.

Another yoyo to consider is the Aceyo Hypocrisy SE. This yoyo is really stable, fast and catchable, I don’t think it is as smooth as an impulse or laevateinn though.

Thanks for the information. I think I’ll go with the impulse as stability is a big thing for me.