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1)there are alot more than 3 made
2) im pretty sure that that is not the correct packaging correct me if im wrong
3)Why $120 you are supposed to sell here for cheaper or else nobody or at least not alot of people are going to want to buy it

If there are only 3 in existence I’d sell for a lot more than $120


  1. I’m not sure, but I know there are very few of those floating around.
  2. There is no correct packaging for it since this is a proto/pre prduction so Paul put it in a cream box for him.
  3. Thats really cheap for a yoyo that hasn’t even been released.

Phillip got this heavy cream at worlds directly from Paul Yath. He’s legit.


mmk way to jump to conclusions. First off i said last time i checked so obviously more could have been made since then. Second, the packaging might be different when it is released but that is what i got from Paul. Lastly, im sorry if my pricing doesnt meet your expectations. From what i remember Paul told me that it is going to be released (if it ever is) at $100-120 so you are getting a deal imo. Oh and I have plenty of rep on other forums if you want to see it.

Soooo if the mods could kindly delete his post because it is ruining my thread I would appreciate it. :smiley:

im not sre if the can delete it but you can delete the whole thread and start a new one

I am almost positive they sold these at blc for 100$ cause I almost bought one. The price is too high. I’d sell it at the most 95 bucks. Sorry if I am wrong about the price. But you should sell it a least 5 to 15 bucks cheaper than what you got it even if it is mint condition! Paul told me the production will be like 135$ and will come with a t shirt. So you are bacialy paying 20 bucks for the shirt. The production run will be a 2 toned purple with red or white string, and come in an extreamly fancy case! The production ones come in a regular cream case and don’t have color. I’d consider not selling it, or selling it for less. :wink:

Read the rules of your forum please.
Thanks for ruining my thread i appreciate it.

I think the price is fair, due to how little of these there are. Think about it, the Bapezilla originally sold for $80, (correct me if I’m wrong) and now they sell on the forums for around $130, not even mint! Maybe for right now it might be a bit high, but I’d stop complaining. You wanna wait a few years and have it be $150? I didn’t think so.

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Thank you kind sir those are my exact thoughts.

i agree with all of those statements regarding his pricing, if he wants to sell it for that much then by all means he can go ahead and do it. it may be higher then the production, or the price you bought it for, but collectors buy things and see them go up in value. if you think its too much then dont buy it. if i had $130 then i’ed get it, but i dont.

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Delete this thread and make a new one.

All the people ruin it, I can’t tell if there are any offers or anything.

Also, I agree with Mongoriler.