Nice! Do you have the specs of those yummy things :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks amazing…

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How about prices?

The fire looks awesome definitely on my wants list!

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looks incredibly awesome

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Looking forward to trying your throws.

Those are some nice looking yoyos

those look sooooooo sick

Do you know when this is going to be on YYE, and if not can you give me a place to buy them because I’m totally getting this. :slight_smile:

Almost looks like they rebranded some c3yoyo designs. They got that v signature. I’m hoping that the dimensions are different our we may have a knock off company selling fakes like with the rec revs.

I don’t see the resemblance…

The killer looks amazing!!!

Yeah… I see now they are different… That v is what caught my eye. The edges are more sharper then c3. had to do a picture side by side… My bad.

There are two new models from Breakbeat and they look even better than older ones.

Similliar sharp shape as KIller, just more normal deimmensions.

More organic shape, reminds me of TP leviathan.