top tips


Does anyone have two of the yoyofactory top tips that look like hubstacks i would dearly appreciate the donation



I have them but would never give them away.


good answer :smiley:

Don’t ask for handouts here. Go to the BST and make a thread titled Looking for top tips. Than describe how much you would trade or buy them for.


Sorry to do this in public.

What are the exact tips?

Are they available here?

Let me know the specifics.

Reason being is that I may be placing a YYE order soon, could toss a couple of these in and since I see Coffin on a frequent basis, can drop them off and avoid having him get stuck on shipping fees. They are only like $2 each so it ain’t no big deal. Since I’m planning to get a Y-Factor when they drop, it seems no big deal to toss a couple of these into the order and into the box.


What he is looking for are yo-yo hubstacks that have a spin top tip shape.

Like in this little video:


So, it’s not the third one from the left in this image?

(or 2nd from right)

Kind stunt-peg like.

I already got


No, those tips are for YYF spin tops. Not YYF yo-yos.

The three with the pegs go in side the bearing of the spin top, the one with the fat peg replaces the bearing for fixed tip play.


basically the hubstacks that look like a spin top tip uh they had a g5 spike stack kit but i dont see it anywhere currently