Top 5 YYF and non-YYF yo-yos since 2010?

Speaking of “modern” yoyos, from 2010 onward…

What are your five favorite yoyofactory yo-yos released in 2010 or later?

And what are your five favorite non yoyofactory yo-yos released in 2010 or later?

My favorite Modern YYF yoyos are the WEDGE and the REPLAY. Both are two simple chunks of plastic that play WAY ABOVE their pricepoint. Shutter and EdgeBeyond. And of course the 888(yea I know pre-2010 but it was a benchmark design for the industry proving that smooth and precise was possible in mass-manufacturing)
Two favorite non-YYF are Jeffrey Pang’s Skyva and iYOYO Firrox. Pivotal yoyo designs that moved the industry forward. Prior industry disruptors were the OXY, 3-in-1 No Jive, Brain, Proyo, Russell/Ives, Flores.



  1. Wedge
  2. Replay
  3. Shutter
  4. Edge Beyond
  5. 888

The 888 is kinda earlier but

Very cool but that’s only 2 of the 5 yo-yos since 2010… care to list 3 more 2010+ non-YYF releases that you’d say are favorites?

  1. Skyva
  2. Firrox
  3. ???
  4. ???
  5. ???

Apologies, I can’t let you get off that easy! :wink:

Shinobu Nostalgia, Shinobu Card, SPYY Pistolero


Not entirely sure those are 2010+ releases…

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What year IS THIS? Where am I?


Hans’ difficulty in coming up with recent yoyos suggests he’s simply not into modern throws!

Hans, when you produced the original Cold Fusion could you envision a future when most pro throws cost $100+?

@zslane I gave examples of modern disruption. Not my fault the industry keeps re-popping the same ideas from the benchmark products presented in 2007. I crave genuine innovation and take note when it presents itself. My experience is not within the last weeks, months or years. I reference in decades and centuries.

It’s not that I’m out of touch with them, It’s that I’m not very excited by them.


@SleepyPete The Cold Fusion pushed the industry forward and the pricepoint grabbed everyone’s attention. There are now examples of contest wins with $16 yoyos up to ~$100 yoyos. Excellent examples across the price range.


OK, so, just to be 100% clear… the only two non-YYF yo-yos released since 2010 that you’d consider notable are

  1. Skyva
  2. Firrox

No love for 2013’s Draupnir, eh? :wink:

I have a Draupnir. If I remember history correctly Ben was the first in line to purchase one (#hipster). No top level player is using this in the competitive arenas (not even the Japanese). It doesn’t seem to be what the players are looking for ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Somebody is going to win a YYF prize for Best question.

I think Hans should win something for Best answer.

And codinghorror and zslane should share an award for ‘Trying to Stump the Pro’.



I’m not eligible for any of these prizes because we are a vendor (forum software). Nor do I want to be! I’m just curious :cat:

It is very interesting that only two yoyos (outside of the YYF stable) released since 2010 are considered YoHans notable…

Edge beyond
Cold fusion
Replay Pro

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I’m not eligible because we are a vendor? Weird… can you split in two, @codinghorror?

Well, the company I am a part of.

I see…