Spyy Pistolero?

Hello again guys, just wondering if anyone had any experience with the Spyy Pistolero. I have read Dr YoYo’s review of it, and it sounds amazing. And being that I can’t seem to ever find any 888’s in stock, I thought about purchasing one of these beauties. 70 bucks…almost half the price of 888’s, and in stock. (No Brainer) But before I purchase, I want to look to you guys to let me know if it’s worth it.

Thx again.

Good God, man. What on earth is it that you’re waiting for? Buy two.

There’s really nothing I can say about it that Chris didn’t cover in his review. Ok, stop reading this post. This is time you could be spending ordering your Pistolero.

Well thats good enough for me, ordered this morning. I’ll write kinda a backup review when I get it. But like you said, prolly gonna just reiterate what Chris has already said, and said so well.

BTW: Props on your site man, your reviews are insane and awesome!! www.yoyoskills.com

PS…Does anyone know if there is a KK bearing to fit this size, if so plz post :slight_smile:

Awesome! You’ll love it!

By the way, who is Ryan?

I think he was trying to talk about Chris…

Rofl, yes I meant Chris, it was 3 o’oclock in the moring when I was on his site, and I’m already awake and at work, but brain hasn’t woken up yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I am glad you like my reviews. The response for that review was so positive, Steve over at Spyy actually ran out of Pistolero’s and had to do another run! They had been sitting up there for a few weeks prior to that. I am not saying my review sold them out, that baby was so pretty it sold itself.
You won’t be disappointed, it is a great yo-yo

And no, A C Size kk will not fir, Spyy uses a different bearing size I think.
You can get a 5×11x5 mm kk from a certain “guy” though

and Ryan Who? What?

what you mean by ryan?my real name is ryan lol(its is really ryan)…

Yep, SPYY runs with a “D” sized bearing. The typical stock bearing for a SPYY is the Japanese EZO bearing. Real nice. We’re talking smooth and precise nice here. Do not attempt to clean it or lube it, and don’t attempt to take the shields off of it, and you’ll be rewarded with something as nice and smooth as a ten-ball.

Or pop the “D” size bearing of your choice in it, and go to town.

Srsly, don’t deshield it. The holes pass directly to the bearing.

Yeah I’ve heard good things about the Ezo, just used to KK’s. But if it’s as good as a KK then I’ll just use that one and see. And thanks for info on the cleaning. I’ll just break it in stock. :slight_smile:

And I think I put Ryan on OP cause last thing I watched was Ryan Gee on some of the videos lol. Sorry Chris. ???