SPYY Pistolero

(JM) #1

Look what came in the mail!




y don’t i get nice things like that in the mail >:( jk i love it!!! ;D ;D


Your mailman is so nice. :stuck_out_tongue:


(ThRoW-b0t) #5

so thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat’s a pistolero!!! I have seen all of these threads about people looking for them. And wow, that thing looks about as mint as a peppermint patty. Jeez that is awesome, first close up pic ive ever seen of one. And I noticed that you changed your favorite yoyo… hehe, yeah I did the same thing when I got my spyy addiction in, man they are sweet throws. Is it smooth?

(JM) #6

have you ever rollerskated on a brandnew skate rink with fresh ball bearing-ed speed skates? It’s THAT smooth.

(yO!JaYxDsJ) #7

krazy schmexy!

(ThRoW-b0t) #8

If i knew where you lived, I would set up camp guerilla style outside of your house with a swat team and wait until you were sleeping and… sneak in and play with it and then put it back and sigh. and cry when i left.


You’re so lucky JM. The new Pistolero’s PALE in comparison with the looks of the beta’s. I honestly felt they butchered the class right out of the production ones. I wish I had a red half for mine :stuck_out_tongue:

(JM) #10

Thanks, I thought I was pretty lucky too. It’s such an attractive yo-yo. I think the all silver version in the production run is pretty sexy too.

(Gorrilla_YO) #11

Nice JM, i wish i owned a pistolero…im not good enough…LOL :stuck_out_tongue: