Found pistolero! please close! thanks :)

I am looking to buy a SPYY Pistolero version 1.
(with holes in the skewers) mint, or almost mint …:slight_smile: with box.
paypal ready!
Happy New Year to everyone


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Pm Sent:)

If you have one and are willing to sell it, please, tell me the state in which it is (new in box, slight stings, many blows, shattered … :slight_smile: and send me some photos.
I only ask that, to know what I buy before paying :slight_smile:
I’m looking for a mint in a box or almost mint in a box:(I don’t care without a box if it’s mint.)
Greetings to all forum users !!! :smiley:

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Hey I just saw this post before I mail the other yoyo to u I really don’t want to sell this but if it is a grail for you I’d consider letting it go
Cond mint been in a case since purchase with one tiny mark was there when I bought it


that’s dope of ya man…

I been there searching for hard stuff

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where’s walter? does anyone out there know?

I think he’s over waldo’s

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en route!

found pistolero!
please close!
thanks :slight_smile: