Top 3 4A yoyos for Christmas


I’m deciding what to ask for Christmas so far I have a Dark Magic 2 (I want the black spade edition my other DM2 broke and I miss playing with it) a Destiny, C-Force, Rhino tool (if they restock) X-convict, and a Fever.

My parents always get me string,yyj lube, response (IRpads) and gloves(I have 5!!!) but they said three more yoyos where fine so I’m getting off string yoyos please recommend three off string yoyos thanks


first, how good are you at 4A and whats your budget?


Go big section (mainly technical tricks) money is not a problem :wink:


then youre 10x better then me. if your doin tech, then i think the yoyojam rextreme is for you!


Two more :confused: ?


I’ve heard good things about some of the Japanese delrins, if money is no object.


Chico zro


oh sorry! my top 3 for you:

yoyojam Rextreme
yoyojam Equinox
adegleyoyos! Whale


There’s some I want. Not sure if I want to make the investment.

My choices, based on my limited selection:

1: Feista XX. my go-to for 4A normally. It can win Nationals, it can take you to #2 in the world. It’s therefore more than good enough for me.
2: Go Big. I carry this often since the rubber rims end up keeping it safe as it dangles off my YYE medium bag.
2: Shinwoo Griffin Wing. Cheap, durable, generous catch area, and the A-bearing really gives some serious spin times!

Others I want are just way over-priced for me to want to spend that kind of money on, such as a sOMEThING JetSet. More reasonably priced items are the YYJ Equinox and ReXtreme. By reasonably priced, I mean “this is stuff I don’t mind spending the money on”. I would LOVE to have a JetSet, but I can’t justify spending that much money on a 4A yet.

Lots of amazing stuff out there though. Right now, there’s too many hot 1A’s to collect and throw and share. I don’t limit myself based on styles. I think 2013 will increase the 4A’s in the collection.


I own the fiesta xx and I’m buying the go big (my first one broke, the rubber rims don’t protect if well from a puppy :wink: ) I bought the Shinwoo not very fond of it the yoyo fell mid play and the plastic cracked (it was the first time it had fallen off) I’m probably sticking to yyj throws every time I buy a 4A throw from somewhere else I find it poor quality or it doesn’t feel natural in my hand

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #11

This is easy.I’d get three hayabusas. :wink:


Fiesta, rextreme, my fav is yyj go big. (all yyj)


Fiesta is retired only the fiesta xx is available, I’m getting a go big for sure and rextreme, ill give it a shot but the Equinox is smaller and basically the same thing (i don’t know ill probably buy both :slight_smile: )


Not really fond of Duncan I bought a Flying Panda, not good first throw, I dropped it and it separated I had to buy the parts kit, and then second drop the rubber started to part (cuts) plus I really hated the bounce. My cousin wasn’t fond of the Hayabusa so I’m not sure on that one

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #15

The hayabusa is greater than the flying panda by I mile.It’s great to practice with smaller 4a yoyos ,so you can get into the habit of making your catches more precise.Also if you’re competing ,it adds more of a risk factor to your freestyles.
Take this for example:

And if you want a wider gap ,it’s compatible with the pro z spacer kit.

I’m sure you’ll be pleased with any choice you make ,but the hayabusa will always be a worthy 4a yoyo for beginners to competitors.  :slight_smile:


Sorry sticking to yyj plus my catches are pretty good 9/10 times I can catch easily no problem but I really don’t want to take a risk but thanks anyways