Too hot vs g funk


I wanted to know wht do you guys prefer. I am looking for a super smooth throw and one that is just addicting to play with… Also if anyone has any other one to suggest that would be great


G funk is clunky since it’s so small but still trying to pull off an H shape

Would take the bell shape of the Too Hot over it any day


Agreed…the Too Hot blows the g-funk out of the water

(Erik Kerber ) #4

Too hot! I’ve only thrown G funk once but its pretty small and the Too hot is way smoother and awesomer and stuff like that. I would get the Too hot if I were you.


These aren’t really on the same page if you ask me. Not really fair to pit them against each other

(Owen) #6

The Too Hot by far.


i know but i wanted a decent throw and i herd good about the too hot but i also like gentry steins shutter so i though the shutter would be simular to the g funk